Universidad Europea – Go Beyond!

Universidad Europea is a private spanish university located in Madrid (with campus in Villaviciosa and Alcobendas), Valencia and the Canary Islands.

It welcomes more than 16000 students of 110 differents nationatilities. It is one of the five best private universities in Spain. Only a click separates us from the other side of the planet. We want to prepare you for a global world!

If you are also an athlete, we want to help you build your future, helping you to make your studies compatible without neglecting yout training sessions or competitions. We have created a plan for this with the following benefits.

Benefits for athletes: scholarship “Compite Plan”

A scholarhips fot the best students and athletes appicable to almost every degrees (See Legal Terms and Conditions)

  • 30% of discont in the teaching part during all the degree.
  • A personal tutor to monitor your individual academic progress as well as support for sports training.
  • The opportunity to attend classes on campus, in virtual classrooms or remotely
  • Free use of sports facilities.
  • The opportunity to carry out laboratory tests to help improve your sports performance.
  • AGM will help you with admission procedures at no charge.
  • See the plan for high-level and high-performance athletes.

Global Bachelor’s Degree:                  

  • International Business: UEM, inglés y presencial
  • International Relations: UEM, inglés y presencial
  • Sport’s Management: UEM, inglés y presencial
  • Business management and entrepreneurship: UEV, inglés y presencial

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Fundamentals of Architecture: UEM, 85% inglés y presencial
  • Grado en Relaciones Internacionales : UEV, 50% inglés y 50% castellano y presencial
  • Translation and Intercultural Communication: UEV, inglés y presencial
  • Tourism and Leisure Management: UEV, inglés y presencial


  • Dirección de Empresas – MBA: castellano e inglés, presencial y online
  • Seguridad de Tecnologías de la Información y de las Comunicaciones: Castellano y presencial
  • Transformación Digital: castellano, presencial
  • Marketing: castellano y presencial
  • Ingeniería de Organización, Dirección de Proyectos y Empresas: castellano e inglés, presencial y online
  • Business Analytics: castellano y presencial
  • Big Data Analytics: castellano, presencial y online
  • Tecnologías Disruptivas para los Negocios: castellano y presencial
  • Inteligencia Artificial y Data Science: castellano, online
  • Dirección y Gestión de Tecnologías de la Información: MBA TI, castellano y online


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