We believe in the power of education and sport to change the world.

alvaro equipo

The rational part of the company. Tennis player from birth and marathon runner adopted. He's 100% competitive, but he doesn't hesitate to help the team on any occasion.
``I love when plans work out``

Álvaro Corrales

Founder and CEO
gonzalo equipo

The gasoline that the company needs. Tennis player, champion of Spain, Europe, World, NCAA and Orange Bowl with University of Georgia. Enthusiastic and motivated, he always takes time to rescue the racket with his children.
``Passionate about education, sport, and AGM.``

Gonzalo Corrales

Founder and Board of Directors
oscar equipo

He was born with a soccer ball glued to his feet and was consecrated in the lower categories of Atletico Madrid and NYIT. He has an privileged mind with which he manages to be aware of everything that goes on with our team at the same time.
``Turn every challenge into an opportunity.``

Óscar González

Board of Directors
Luis equipo

He is one of the first pieces of the puzzle. Knows the exact word to answer all the questions of each family. Passionate about his little girl. ``You are not defeated when you lose, you are defeated when you give up.``

Luis Martín

East and North Zone Delegate
Javier equipo

Pure dynamite from Segovia. Disciplined and enthusiastic, which are handled just as well inside as outside of the tennis courts. Motivated so that others can live the same experience in the United States that he lived.
``Determination is the key to success``.

Javier Bernabé

NorthWest Zone Delegate
Rosaura equipo

Directly from Seville, you could either give her a racquet or a ball she is pure magic playing. Positive and enthusiastic, she puts a smile on everyone and always brings enough energy to get through every day from the South zone.
``Take care of what you what you do``.

Rosaura Ramírez

South Zone Delegate
Eric equipo

He moves to the rhythm of hip-hop and R&B at the time of entering the basket, but from the line of three he has cold blood. There’s nothing that can’t be resisted. An ambition, impulsive and devastating personality that he demonstrates on the court and also in the office.. ``Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.``

Eric Romera

Catalonia Zone Delegate
diego 2

He is more in the water than on the land. Waterpolo player by nature and triathlete prospect. Nobody better knows the American university system than him. Positive, committed and effective.
“Don´t give up… Keep going!”.

Diego Galve

Admissions Responsible
carlos 1

With a magnificent forehand on the court and big backhand in the office, you can win matches with him the same as you can get an incredible admission in to your university. Energetic, motivating and fighter.
``The world needs people who love what they do``.

Carlos Escriche

Scouting Responsible
Katherine Bulling – equipo

Our favorite American girl. It brings peace to the whole office. Enjoy discovering every corner of Spain.
``The world is in the hands of those who dream and run the risk of living their dreams``


Regular Students Responsible
Tamara equipo

Source of peace and serenity. She has paddled in Serbia, the United States and currently continues to do so in the Ebro River. Always accompanied by her coffee or tea, she is empathetic, fierce and constant.
“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn´t take”.

Tamara Saratlic

Admissions Team
dani equipo

He’s our particular Michael Jordan. After four years playing basketball in USA and two years as a professional basketball player, he’s decided to return to home.
“You have to dare to be great”.

Dani Arcau

Scouting Basket and Admissions Team
marina equipo

It is a pleasure to hear her speak, without losing her Navarrese accent. Swing, under par, clubs and golf in general. Feet on the ground, constant, empathic and smiling every moment.
``Being big is not a matter of size but of attitude``.

Marina Erice

Scouting Golf and Admissions Team
Blanca equipo

Lover of sports, she stands out with a racket and a ball. She’s a restless person and she loves travelling from one place to another ejoying her passion for photography. She can’t live without music, that motivates her and gives energy.
“It’s alright to be Goliath but always act like David”.

Blanca Sancho

Scouting Swimming, Track and Tennis. Admissions Team
Mario equipo

With a guitar in his hand is the rock soul of the office. He is one of the colleagues who puts the touch of humor every day. Always ready to help and see things from a calm and reflective point of view.
“It's better to burn out than fade away”.

Mario Picazo

Football Responsible and Admissions Team
Foto Ion

There's no one who can stop him with the ball on the feet. Bold and without limits, returns from the New York to prove all that is worth. Working is like on the pitch, positive mentality and teamwork!
``Life is like soccer: you need goals”.

Ion Barbarin

Scouting Football and Admissions Team
Pablo equipo

He is a sports and business lover, during his free time you can find him playing soccer or reading business books. He loves traveling and he is always willing to go above and beyond on everything he does, and he is up for any challenge!
``Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise``.

Pablo Millán

Scouting Football and Admissions Team
Teresa equipo

Passionate about communication, marketing and her two children. She motivates the Marketing Department and makes all the marketing work make sense. She believes that the peace of the mountains is your best ally.
``When you follow your passions you will love your life``.

Teresa Romanos

Marketing Manager
Javier equipo

Passionate about all sports and even more about football. His positivity spreads to the whole team. He confesses himself a madman of the digital world, although he enjoys real life. If his life had OST, he says that it would go from electronics to flamenco, going through all the styles!
``Don't try, do it!``.

Javier Maldonado

Digital Marketing
Patricia Santos

Born in Salamanca, although in love with Galicia, she’s passionate about all sports, specially fencing. She loves chocolate and any kind of candy and she never says no to a trip or to volunteer.
``I don´t have dreams but goals``.

Patricia Santos

Athlete Assistance Responsible
Claudia equipo

If there is a day you are asleep, Claudia will wake you up. A real hurricane every time you enter through the office door. Committed, motivated and active.
``In life, attitude is more important than flair``.

Claudia Picó

Isabel equipo

Fashion Week is too small for her. She is passionate about fashion and market research. She never gives anything for lost and makes those around her more productive. If you met her, she’ll mark a before and after in your life as she was marked by The Beatles in her life.
``Is not only about being good, but also seeming. ``.

Isabel López

Andrea Redrado

Always a blue and white heart. Tennis took her to the USA but now soccer has her mind crazy. Laughing and sweet in the office but a warrior on the court, you'll always want her on your team!
``Is not only about being good, but also seeming. ``.

Andrea Redrado

Miguel Perez cortada

Our teacher in the distance. Passionate about education and training. We feel very close even though he lives across the other side of the world.
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”.

Miguel Pérez

SAT and TOEFL Tutorial Assistant

Passionate about sport. Tennis allowed him to meet other countries, cultures and people. He bets on the personal, social and cultural development of the youngest through sport and study in the United States.
``Values are the basis of everyday life``.

Rodolfo Varela

Match Point AGM Team Manager Colombia


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