Through the AGM Foundation we continue to offer our assistance to those students and athletes interested in changing their university in the United States, even if it is an action we recommend only in cases of real need, almost as a last resort. For this there are different factors and processes that families must take into account before starting any process.

Reasons that could justify a change of university:

Academic and social:

  • Impossibility to continue with the desired studies in the current university
  • Problems of adaptation due to the academic requirement of the center
  • Interest in accessing university programs with greater prestige
  • Extreme social experiences or major conflicts for religious, financial, moral, meteorological or ethnic reasons.


  • Not participating in competitions in the current university
  • Unfavorable economic situation in the renewal of a sports scholarship
  • Impossibility to continue with the sport practiced in the current university
  • Sports conflict within the team or with the current coach

University Change Risks:

  • Failure to meet the academic requirements of the new university
  • Failure to comply with NCAA or NAIA academic rules for college transfer
  • Loss of credits in the validation of classes already studied
  • Waiver of scholarships available to the student at the current university
  • Unknowledge of the scholarship that can be received at another university until the process started
  • Bad experience with the current coach once the transfer decision is communicated

Requirements and request questionnaire transfer service

  • Being in possession of the “release”, or freedom letter, issued by the Athletics department of the current university
  • Request an official copy of the transcripts
  • Access to the recordings of the participations in the most current competitions
  • Sports results and statistics in United States
  • Have realistic expectations for college change
  • With the objective of knowing the expectations when making a change of university, we have elaborated a series of questions that will help our team to value your situation and to begin to think about alternatives. For this please answer the following form.  Go to transfer request form


AGM can make a preliminary evaluation of your profile at no cost.